Hi Pankaj,
Here is the layout of the pages needed for the RNR tournament. Hopefully, this will answer some of the questions you have.

Happy to get on a call if neccessary.

Thank you, Dennis

Page 1

RNR Tiurnament Sign Up Form - Page 1.png

RNR Tournament SignUp Form (page 1 of 2)

Page 1

- The RNR Tournament Signup page has two pages.

- The signup page Page 1 will create a Fanbucks free account.

RNR Tournament SignUp Form (Page 2 of 2)

Page 2

- The RNR Tournament Signup page has two pages.

- The signup page 2 will create an RNR     

Tournament Profile page in their account dashboard.

RNR Tournament Profile 

- The RNR Tournament Profile page is the new feature in the user's dashboard, similar to the coupon builder.

- This page is also created from the signup page.

- The only way for people to vote is from the Artist Profile Page

Vote Needed Box - Calculated by votes behind the top-ranking artist.

1 Vote Free Button - People will click on this button and vote for the artist.

6 Black Voting Buttons - People will click on one of these buttons and sent to a Stripe check-out page

Page 2

RNR Tiurnament Sign Up Form - Page 2.png

RNR Tournament Profile Page 

RNR Tournament Leaderboard 

RNR Tournament Leaderboard.png

- The RNR Leaderboard page will rank all of the artists by vote count.

-All artists will be on the same leaderboard. We are thinking of 100 listed per page. This would be similar to how we manage our users in the Fanbucks admin.

- "Search" button to find an artist.

- The countdown would be the "days left in the contest". 

- The orange "Vote: buttons are linked back to the users Profile Page.