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A Perfect Number delivers all of your music announcements via group message with a 98% open rate.

No Contracts  •  Cancel Anytime

Perfectly Built for Artists and Producers

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Is Fanbucks for you?

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the game, Fanbucks is the easiest way to boost your outreach, promote your talent, make personal connections and pull your audience closer.

Are you looking for the best way to increase your exposure or close more transactions?

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Why a Perfect Number?

Discover a new level of easy direct communication with your fans and buyers. Choose from 20+ texting features to grow your contacts and promote your talents.

The Fanbucks method replaces the way that you manage and monetize your fans and customers.


The Fanbucks Blueprint.

Follow These Perfect Steps to Increase your Fanbase and Sales!

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Perfect Number

First, publish your new number, inviting fans and potential customers to join your perfect list.

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Perfect List

Keep adding new subscribers to your perfect list, a list in which you have 100% control over and own.

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Perfect Promotions

Send promotions and announcements to your list that 98% of your contacts will see in minutes.

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Perfect Connections

You can engage with incoming messages from subscribers by using our Text Chat feature.

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Perfect Growth!

Grow your fanbase and monetize your audience quickly!

All You Need to Build Your Audience and Monetize your Music.

Promote your number, promote your brand, gain subscribers, connect with your audience and close sales all in one place!

Merging Your Followers and Fanbucks List is the Secret to Transforming Your Audience into Revenue

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QR Codes are Back and They're Better Than EVER!

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QR Codes Make it Easy for Buyers To Find your Music

Build unlimited QR Codes, created in minutes.

​Send fans/buyers to your music and events.

Fans/buyers scan your QR Code and are automatically added to your core audience.

Use Your Phone Camera And Scan Me!


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Music Producer

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If you sell beats on the BeatStars platform, you can easily add text messaging to your pro page.

With Fanbucks and BeatStars you can...​

>  Collect data from your BeatStars Pro Page.​


>  Set up follow-up messages to your buyers.​


>  Send ​text promotions to your BeatStars lists.

Own The Communication With Your Fans

Music Producer

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Guarantee the Reach and Engagement You Expect.

>  Social Media platforms are restricting your reach.
>  Grow your phone number database.
>  Reach 98% of your audience.
>  Text marketing brings the dollars in the door.





Fanbucks has changed my company, Ya Help Me! I've tried a few different platforms and nothing has compared to Fanbucks and their amazing customer service.



Music Producer

For me, Fanbucks has been a complete game changer as a producer and artist! It allows me to have direct communication with my clientele and audience without having to rely on limiting social media algorithms.

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Murphy Lee


I now connect personally with my fans. With Fanbucks, they can text me to be the first ones to get my album releases and exclusives. Personally engaging with my fans is at the heart of my marketing strategy. 


Think you have what it takes to be the next big artist? If so, the WHOZFIRE Artist Tournament is for you! WHOZFIRE focuses on showcasing independent artists that are looking for huge exposure. Using a bracket system, artists go head-to-head and battle track vs. track, to see who's dope.


Judged By:

Kayo, Shaquille O'Neal,

and extra special guest judges! ​


Kevins Webinar Here

Ready to take your dreams into your own hands?

Promote your Fanbucks phone number on social media to grow your contact list of your most dedicated and hardcore fans. These are the fans that are most likely to bring in sales and interactions. Use your phone number to connect with your audience, giving them sneak peeks, discounts, early access, news and much more.

No Contracts  •  Cancel Anytime
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