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Form a personal connection with your fans and elevate your exposure.

Build Your Fanbase. Monetize Your Talent.

How Fanbucks Supports Your Success

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Build a List of Loyal Fans

  • Post your number everywhere

  • Collect subscribers (fans)

  • Own and control your list 100%

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Promote Your Music to Your Fan List

  • Notify your fans of a new release, music video, concert and more.

  • Send out sneak peeks and other exclusives that only your biggest fans have access to.

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Connect Personally

  • Send out frequent messages.

  • Reply 1-on-1 to fans that interact with your messages.

  • Offer special deals, sneak peeks, merch, etc. as exclusives to the loyal fans on your list.

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Gain Exposure and Continue Growing Your Fanbase

With Fanbucks, having a business number with a loyal fan list makes it easy and fast to continuously build your fanbase.

My fans love personalized messages from me. I used Fanbucks to promote my new CD release to my fanbase and saw sales immediately! There is no better way to connect with your fans.

Jaime Kyle, Musician

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